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Once a sleepy outer suburb, Nundah is well on its way to becoming a fab hotspot full of cafés and bars you need to know about.

Sure, it’s only six minutes to the city (thanks Clem… and whichever parent is still paying my toll), but why waste them when you can just Lime down the road to somewhere a little closer to home?


Your home away from home is Fuel & Co, and their warm Queenslander vibe will have you feeling both patriotic and hungry. The place to be for breakfast and lunch offers the likes of buttermilk chicken and parmesan waffles with poached eggs, hollandaise and hot sauce, and enough acai and apple smoothies to quench your Insta-thirst.

Suburban foodies: Nundah
By Nicole Portacha and Kate Bethune – 15 Nov 2019

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